Hello, my name is Ashley Bailie and I'm currently attending my second year of Cegep. I am interested in art and music, and I have an undying love for animals.

Van Gogh Fowers
One of my favourite arists has to be Vincent Van Gogh. He is an inspiration to me regarding my artwork (in tone and style), and his story has always stayed in my mind. This painting, named "Still Life: Vase with Twelve Sunflowers", is my favourite work of art from him.

Pulp Fiction
One of my favourite pass times is to watch movies. My favourite move is Pulp Fiction. I love this film because of the strange nature of the characters, the cinematography, and the complicated plot that leaves you with questions even when it's over.


As I said before, I love animals. I have always wished to have a dog, but unfortunately my lifestyle does not allow it. I currenlty have two cats that I consider to be genuinely part of my family.
Black Cat
This is my youngest cat Pepper. She is completely black with a small tuft of white hair on her chest. She is always following me around and getting under my feet, especially in the morning when she's waiting for breakfast. She's always with me in the house no matter what I'm doing.
Brown Cat
This cat is named Sage, and she does not like me at all. She is extremely skinny and fragile and she walks around the house as if she owns it. She's smitten with my mother, but will not go near me or my step-father.


Travelling is definitely a true passion of mine. My first big trip with my family was a 2 week stay in Paris, Germany and Switzerand to celebrate my brother's return from Afghanistan. I have also bgeen to Australia, Punta Cana, and multiple beautiful locations in Canada and the United States.
By far, my favourite place I've ever been is Costa Rica.
Not only are the beaches and the view incredible, as seen above, but the locals that live there are incredibly humble and kind. It will always have a special place in my heqart and I will definitely return when I get the chance.

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